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Mutual Funds Research

Top Performing Mutual Funds
Scheme Name 1 Year Return(%) 3 Years Return(%) 5 Years Return(%)
111.55 38.77 33.61
103.66 37.33 32.23
124.72 36.24 21.83
110.39 35.61 32.67
96.39 34.01 28.07
Top Performing Systematic Investment Plan
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
600000 1044645.23 23.04
600000 1044037.58 23.02
600000 1002909.73 21.31
600000 1002481.35 21.29
600000 992995.87 20.88
Top Mutual Funds in India - Lump sum returns
Scheme Name Invested Amount Current Value 5 Years Return(%)
100000 230843.37 18.19
100000 221079.96 17.17
100000 215454.28 16.57
100000 203721.68 15.28
100000 201609.44 15.04

Mutual Funds

With a slew of offerings, from private / public sector, matching ones risk and return profile becomes a cumbersome task. We help you with suggestions on the scheme/s based on sound rationale.

Tax saving products

Income tax laws in India allow savings and investments in various products, which can be a complex affair for a layman. We shall help you go through the details matching and help reduce you and your family's tax liability.


You might find it difficult to determine the actual cost of your loan. We recommend comparing at least three loan quotes before applying to borrow and suggest comparing more than simply the interest rate, fees and monthly repayment. We help you identify the Actual Cost.

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