Too many options delay the decision

At, we believe that as the number of options increases, it becomes more and more difficult for you to decide. Currently there are more than 5000 mutual fund schemes available to invest, which may confuse and delay your buying decision. And this is where, an online investment platform based on extensive research, steps in, empowering you with up to 3 choices (asset class wise) within mutual funds, to help achieve your financial goals

Beat inflation

In developing economies like India, high growth rates are accompanied by the perils of a high inflation rate. The average 3-year (2012-2015) inflation rate has been 8.33. (This is upto Jul 2015). While many prefer to keep their money in the safety of banks, in either savings accounts or term deposits, when you adjust your returns (earnings) for inflation and tax, they end up negligible. This is why at, we suggest looking at investment products such as mutual funds, which endeavour to give you higher post-tax returns.

Relief from wrong buying and mis-selling

Due to inadequate financial knowledge, and at times mis-selling of products, investors sometimes end up with portfolios which might not be aligned to their financial goals. Steer clear of these worries with, which is powered by an algorithm based decision engine, and hence, empowers you with an unbiased and scientifically driven choice set of mutual fund schemes, in alignment with your financial goals.


Diversification is the practice of reducing risk and increasing returns. It is the most important component in reaching long term financial goals while attempting to minimise risk.

The magic of compounding

Time is the most valuable asset. If you have to learn one thing about investing, it is the power of compounding.Compounding means that returns on investment become part of the investment itself, and start generating returns, which make long term investing for your financial goals highly rewarding. We at recommend that you start investing early and regularly, and stay invested.