Financial Planning

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things" - Albert Einstein.

  • Goal based investment - Start with the end in mind.

    At, we would like to bring about a revolution in the way people make investments. We strongly believe that your investment should be based on your goals. Human nature ensures that whenever you pursue any activity, you do so with a goal in mind. Then why should it be any different while making investments? So, we have attempted to list down some of the goal based investment options, which you may wish to consider, in your overall financial planning:

    • Retirement Planning - In India, where the family structure has evolved from joint to nuclear families, retirement planning is fast turning into a must have process. Statistics show that over 60% of India's population is below 30 years of age. So in 25-30 years, a very large population will enter the retirement age. Add to this fact that with the advancement of medical science, life expectancy is going up. In the absence of any social safety net, spending a peaceful retired life may remain a dream for many, as they approach their sunset years. This is why retirement planning is essential for every working individual.

    • Child's Education - India is a knowledge economy, where a lot of importance is given to education. A substantial portion of household income/savings needs to be set aside for education. Hence, at, we suggest that you start investing early and regularly.

    • Child's Marriage - In India, cost of marriage is significant, and early planning and regular investing for your child's marriage will help ease the financial burden at the time of marriage.

    • Buying Your Dream House - It is every individual's dream to buy his own house. Systematic investment can help you achieve the goal of buying your dream house.

  • Wealth Creation -

    Do you have surplus funds lying in instruments which are not performing as per your expectations? We can help you with mutual fund options as per your return expectation.

  • Tax Planning -

    There are two important aspects of tax planning:

    • Saving on tax.
    • Generating higher returns on your investments.

    At, we help you identify the right mutual fund schemes to achieve your goal. We suggest that tax planning should not be an end of year exercise but should be started from the beginning of the financial year.