Our Approach

  • At Top3Choice.com, we always give the highest priority to helping you achieve your financial goals. We use advanced algorithms, research and decades of experience to empower you with an unbiased investment solution.
  • We understand that choosing from more than 5000 mutual fund schemes is difficult and daunting; this is why we recommend upto 3 mutual fund schemes per asset class (such as equity and debt) to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Three Step Investment Approach:

  • We determine your risk tolerance level (capacity to take risk) and return expectation (how much you expect to gain from your investments).
  • We then select a mix of upto 3 mutual fund schemes, representing each asset class.
  • And finally, we apply our proprietary portfolio allocation model among the chosen asset classes.

Please note that currently our services are restricted to suggesting personalized financial plans that comprise only mutual fund schemes, and we do not cover other investment avenues.