In today's complex investment market, where information and advice are just a click away, picking the right investment product is indeed a daunting task. There are over 5000 mutual fund schemes across equity, debt and money market categories. Within these categories, there are different themes / investment strategies, which are either in tune with the contemporary or market trend, or for a specific set of clients.

At Top3Choice.com, we believe that excessive choices always lead to indecision. Some researchers find that too many options can actually lead people to take less positive risks in making their selections. Many people say that when they have to make a decision, they wish there were fewer choices - they want the decision to be easier to make. As a result, more often than not, when there are too many choices, people avoid making the decision altogether. And, in the long run, they feel worse about their inaction rather than action.

Hence the simple approach to investing would be to reduce the number of investment choices based on your specific goal. Top3Choice.com is a cutting edge research and algorithm based online financial platform, which simplifies the planning process by giving you upto 3 investment choices per asset class in the mutual fund space.